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BT’s Specialty Services LLC

We Are Here To Meet Your Service Needs.

  • Steam Sterilizers, Medical and Hospitals Vacuum and Gravity
  • Steam Autoclaves Life Science
  • Bulk / Floor Loaders Double Doors, Side Sliders, Hinge openers.
  • Medium 24 x 36 and up
  • Small 16 x 16
  • Washers
  • Cart
  • Cage
  • Instrument
  • Tunnel
  • Bottle
  • Rack

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Pressure, Temperature, Controls.

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Working as a Team

You as the customer are the most important part of our team. BT’s Specialty Services works with you to help meet the needs of today. You do not have to pay the higher prices of the OEM’s.


Boilers, Washers Autoclave/ Sterilizers, Conveyors, Bedding Dispensers and more.

20 x 20 Sterilizer

What People Say

Bruce is the superhero of large equipment installation, trouble-shooting and repair. I have worked with Bruce across 17 years and 3 different research companies and have learned to rely on his expertise in the areas of mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and Programmed Logic Controllers (PLC) for sterilizers, large washers, and chemical distribution systems.

Bruce responded to my frequent needs with promptness, the ability to diagnose any problem in all autoclaves, rack and tunnel washers, and was knowledgeable in steam systems, with water issues, temperature issues, and with pump operation, condensate challenges and covered the entire gambit of large equipment operation.

David M. Gonzalez Operations Manager Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles, CA

BT’s Specialty Services Can supply support anywhere.

Our Primary Service area North East United States.

Bt’s Specialty Services are willing to service beyond those regions as well

New York
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